CreateSmart Initiative
Project Ref: CSI/1105/0134
Project Title: Architecture in Hong Kong: Teaching Kit for the Appreciation of Architecture in Secondary School Curriculum
Applicant Organization: The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA)
Approved Funding: HK$2,445,900
Brief description
of the Project:
The CSI has provided funding support to HKIA to develop the teaching kit for the appreciation of architecture in secondary school curriculum, and organize a series of introduction and training activities with the support of Education Bureau, Faculty of Architecture of the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The teaching kit is bilingual and covers 4 topics: "Fundamentals of Architecture", "Art in Architecture", "Science in Architecture" and "Technology in Architecture". It ties in with the new secondary school curriculum, and will be disseminated to all local secondary schools. The Project comprises the following activities –

  • Research and preparation of course materials relating to architecture and urban planning
  • Producing an interpretive videos for the teaching kit featuring current architectural issues and interviews with architects
  • Seminars and/or guided tours for the teachers to collect their views on the design of the teaching kit
  • Promotional event for publicising the teaching kit among schools and parents
  • Training lectures and workshops for secondary school teachers on the use of teaching kit
Event Date: 1) Sep 2011 – Sep 2012 : Research and development of the content of teaching kit, and production of teaching kit
2) Aug – Oct 2012 : Promotion and launching of the teaching kit
3) Aug – Nov 2012 : Training courses for teachers
Contact Information: Contact person: Ms Fiona Kam, Manager, HKIA
Telephone : 2805 7096
Email address:

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