CreateSmart Initiative
Project Ref: CSI/1012/0111
Project Title: Chinese Creative Industries Forum
Applicant Organization: Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture Limited
Approved Funding: HK$3,611,000
Brief description
of the Project:
The CSI has provided funding support to the Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture Limited for organising the Chinese Creative Industries Forum (CCIF) with an aim to build a strong network and research platform to facilitate cross-disciplinary dialogue and collaboration between creative industries professionals/entrepreneurs, creative education institutions, creative industries investors and operators, media, researchers and policy makers in the Greater China region.
The CCIF 2011, with the theme “Investing in Creativity”, comprises the following activities:
  • 4 Researches with focus on the regional creative industries development in Greater China and case studies in South Korea and Taiwan
  • Chinese Creative Industries Forum
  • CCIF Workshop
  • Publication of the Research reports
  • Enhancement of the CCIF website for making available all the researches and proceedings in previous conferences online
Event Date: 1) 21 May 2011 : 1st Chinese Creative Industries Forum
2) Nov 2011 : 2nd Chinese Creative Industries Forum and Executive Workshop
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Contact Information: Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture
Telephone : 2766 3703
Email address :

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