CreateSmart Initiative
Project Ref: CSI/1008/0085
Project Title: Showcasing Creative Works to Inspire Cross Industry Matching in Commercial Applications
Applicant Organization: Innovative Entrepreneur Association (IEA)
Approved Funding: HK$976,582
Brief description
of the Project:
The CSI has provided funding support to IEA to organise a cross industry business matching Project. The Project aims to facilitate cross industry collaboration between local character and graphic creators and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by facilitating both parties’ understanding on the market information and providing a platform for business matching.

The Project consists of three stages:
1. To conduct research on cross industry matching in commercial applications, character and graphic creators' experiences in promoting their creations and how the SMEs search for collaborating character and graphic creators;
2. To organize a 3-day Cross Industry Matching Showcase (“the Showcase”), involving exhibition and seminars; and
3. To publish the Cross Industry Mix and Match Roadmap, a book recording the findings and results of the Project.
Event Date: 1) 14 Jan 2010 : Promotional seminars for introducing the Showcase to character and graphic creators
2) 1 Mar 2011 : Promotional seminars for introducing the Showcase to SMEs
3) 10 – 12 Mar 2011 : The Cross Industry Matching Showcase
4) Aug 2011 : The publication date of the Cross Industry Mix and Match Roadmap
Contact Information: Contact person: Ms Adele Chu, Consultant, Hong Kong Productivity Council
Telephone: 2788 5826
Email address:

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