CreateSmart Initiative
Project Ref: CSI/1004/0062
Project Title: MaD (Make A Difference) 2011
Applicant Organization: Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture (HKICC)
Approved Funding: HK$2,912,000
Brief description
of the Project:
CSI has provided funding support to HKICC for organizing the MaD 2011 and a range of MaD-related activities to empower young people aged 16-30 to explore creative paths in personal, economic and social domains.

As the continuous effort of MaD 2010 to promote creativity, the MaD 2011 held during 21 – 23 Jan 2011 included talks by international leaders, chatrooms with speakers and workshops on creative thinking, entrepreneurship, art and culture etc. It accommodated aound 1,200 young people from all over the world with diverse backgrounds. MaD contents had also been uploaded to the MaD website.

To further promote creativity and achieve a greater impact, several MaD activities funded by the CSI had been carried out throughout the year prior to MaD 2011, including -
  • MaD/ JA Success Skills Workshop
  • MaD Social Enterprise Summit
  • MaD Movie Marathon
Event Date: 1) 6 Nov 2010 : MaD/ JA Success Skills Workshop
2) 19 – 20 Nov 2010 : MaD Social Enterprise Summit
3) 27 – 28 Nov 2010: MaD Movie Marathon
4) 21 – 23 Jan 2011 : MaD 2011

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Contact Information: Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture
Telephone : 2766 1328
Email address :

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