CreateSmart Initiative
Project Ref: CSI/0911/0042
Project Title:
Applicant Organization: Internet Professional Association
Approved Funding: HK$3,907,800
Brief description
of the Project:
The CSI will give funding support to develop a platform with an online map environment showcasing 3D architectural works in Hong Kong to serve as an effective communication channel for international professionals, young talents and the general public worldwide.

The Project aims to promote Hong Kong architecture and architectural services through demonstrating the architectural works in Hong Kong done by both local as well as overseas renowned architects on the online platform. It would on one hand help local architectural industry to showcase their works and explore new markets, and on the other hand provide a user-friendly database for potential clients and the public to get easy access in searching for Hong Kong's architectural excellence.

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Event Date: 1) Feb – Apr 2011 : Online Competition and Campaign
2) 27 Apr 2011: Launching Ceremony

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Contact Information:
Contact person: Mr Carter Ng, Communications and Project Manager, Internet Professional Association
Telephone: 2778 0040
Fax: 2778 0032

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