CreateSmart Initiative
Project Ref: CSI/0908/0014
Project Title: ABU Robocon 2012 Hong Kong
Applicant Organization: Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK)
Approved Funding: HK$2,039,000
Brief description
of the Project:
The CSI has provided funding support to organize a three-year project which would include three Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) Robocon Hong Kong domestic contests to be held in year 2010, 2011 and 2012 as well as to host the International ABU Robocon Contest 2012 in year 2012. The proposed venue for this international event is the Arena of Asia World-Expo.

During the 3 years leading up to the International ABU Robocon Contest 2012, Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) will organize a series of educational activities for the development in innovative technologies, including robot competition, educational workshops and seminars in different levels focusing on concept of creative design, IT and engineering knowledge. Beneficiaries include local students in primary, secondary and tertiary levels, and even the general public. These seminars and workshops will encourage the development of creative thinking and critical thinking of local students because they will have to overcome various problems when designing their robot devices.

There will also be various networking and sharing events with tertiary and university students and professors from over 20 countries organized in year 2012. These sharing and networking events will allow local students to learn and exchange ideas with their counterparts as well as with international engineering experts from around the world.

Education Bureau (EDB) and Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) will also give support as the project is also in line with their policies to foster the development of cross-platform curriculum and non-curriculum education.
Event Date: 1) June 2010 - Robocon 2010 Hong Kong Contest seminars and workshops.
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PRESS RELEASE (Chinese Only)

2) June 2011 - Local Robocon Contest; seminars and workshops

3) June 2012 - Local Robocon Contest; seminars and workshops

4) August 2012 - ABU International Robocon Contest 2012; networking and sharing sessions
Contact Infromation: Contact person: Mr Li Yiu Ming, Acting Head of Educational Television, RTHK
Telephone: 2339 3118
Email address:

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